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"The Must Have Book for All Songwriters!"

This is the the best tool for songwriters you will find. Songwriters often struggle for inspiration and the amount of unique, interesting and beautiful chords you will find in this book will never leave you with that problem again!

Give extra colour, intensity and depth to your open chord vocabulary by making the most of the unique and beautiful instrument, the guitar and take open chords to the next level. Find the most options for chords by using the easy to read full neck diagrams and sprinkles of music theory. Open chords are often learned in the early stages of playing guitar but rarely revisited. Inside this book are a whole host of open chords for you to explore which will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

The author Phil Braithwaite has gigged extensively around the UK averaging around 200 gigs a year and has performed along side many household names as well as playing everywhere from clubs to stadiums. Phil is one of the most sought after session musicians and teachers around London. The foreword is written by the internationally renowned guitarist and educator Shaun Baxter.

For songwriters everywhere of any ability. 

Adventurous Open Chords eBook

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